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About Cluster


Companies associated in Lower Silesian Cluster metal are located in the Legnica Copper District Glogowski, which is an example of the conurbation, located on the urban-industrial area in Lower Silesia. Composed of five counties (districts Earth: Glogow, Polkowice, Lubin, Legnica, and the county township: Legnica), inhabited by nearly 0.5 million residents. Until January 1, 1999 coincided largely with the area of ​​the then province of Legnica. Economically the region today is based on the exploitation of copper deposits (mining and metallurgy) in establishments of Mining Metallurgical Combine-Copper „Polish Copper” SA Glogowski Legnica Copper District is the hub of the copper industry in Poland, one of the biggest copper operation centers in the world.
LGOM a monoculture in terms of mining jobs. In the long run [2030] threatens to move the main production of new deposit located abroad.
We should also look for alternatives because technological progress has meant that today no longer need such a large amount of labor as before. With 44,000 former employees, now in KGHM remaining 18,000 employees.
For proper operation and further development of economic structure and the body which is cited. region also need to coordinate activities between business, academia and the public because it only determines the further development perspective.
Regional Development Agency „ARLEG” SA as one of the most important business institutions of Lower Silesia which affects the process of transforming the local economy has set itself the goal to initiate and support cluster initiative in the metal industry. Selected industry is a priority for Lower Silesia (has been identified in the Regional Innovation Strategy, as one of the sectors and key characteristics for the Lower Silesia), as well as being important for the Polish economy. So the realization of their objective will contribute to enhance the competitiveness of the region through economic development based on innovative enterprises, and thus have a positive impact on economic development throughout the country. In order to create a cluster different from the traditional local production systems, it is important to the partnership and cooperation not only between companies but also between companies and academia.
Lower Silesia Metal Cluster is a group of companies from the metal industry, cooperating with each other, with scientific research units and institutions of business environment. The aim of cooperation is:

  • Expansion and strengthening of cooperation between businesses and institutions making up the cluster,
  • Creating opportunities to exchange information on technology and work organization of enterprises,
  • Creation of a common investment development path,
  • Effective implementation of scientific-technical solutions, inventions, patents,
  • Effective and efficient acquisition of external funding,
  • Introduction of new products and services to market,
  • The acquisition of foreign partners for cooperation,
  • Participation in international projects,
  • More efficient use of staff potential and possibilities of their training to the needs of the industry.
  • Creating new jobs,
  • Continuous improvement of qualifications of the sector,
  • Promoting entrepreneurship with emphasis on pro-innovation attitude,
  • Shaping the best possible image of the cluster through joint promotional activities.

Lower Silesian Cluster of Metal is open. All interested in the possibilities that offers participation in the Lower Silesian Cluster metal, please contact the Regional Development Agency „ARLEG” SA


Members of Cluster


1. Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego „ARLEG” S.A. – The Agency organizes and animates the development interaction, networking and cooperation in the cluster, and also provides specialized services to businesses and other entities operating in the Lower Silesian Cluster metal.

2. Delta Sp z o. o. – The company is engaged in processing and manufacturing of metal parts for mining machinery.

3. BUD – STAL – TEST II mgr Barbara Bossowska – Zdziech – fabrication and erection of steel structures of industrial halls, hangars, sports halls and entertainment, light warehousing, fabrication and installation of joinery construction, fabrication and installation of protective barriers of steel, fabrication and assembly of skeletal buildings, construction , assembly and repair of chimneys, construction, installation and repairs of bridges, viaducts and bridges, construction and erection of tanks for agriculture, construction and installation of facades of plate or sheet.

4. Krakmet. Fabryka Maszyn I Wyrobów Metalowych. Inż. Krakowski E. – business profile:

  • Manufacture of machinery and equipment for the mining, metallurgical, construction, paper, food, ceramics and rubber,
  • Production of steel structures,
  • Production of spare parts,
  • Repairs of machinery and equipment,
  • Thermal treatment,
  • Technical assistance.

The company has the following production units:

  • Machining, milling work, turning and grinding,
  • Steel structures,
  • Powder varnishing.


5. METAROL Sp. z o. o. – Provides services in the implementation of the supporting structures of industrial halls structural elements, the elements of telecommunications masts, steel storage containers, containers for the storage of gas cylinders, covers positions the operator for mining machinery and forklifts, front frame and loader buckets to pit ŁK-2N elements kotwiowej housing for mines, ore feeders, construction of the conveyor belts, where ventilation, steel doors to the staircases, steel garage doors, fences and gates along with furtkami, vestibule with stairways, handrails, steel roof rafters, railings (balconies, lawn, frames stairs), stairs, both external and internal elements of small architecture, stands for bicycles, other acc. the customer’s documentation.

6. Zakład Usług Metalowo-Budowlanych, inż. Kazimierz Wołyniec provides the following services: repair services – construction, acting as a substitute investor, design and costing, to act as construction manager, preparing specifications for tender, serving as inspector.

7. MAGROTEX P.P.U. Sp. z o. o. specializes in the production of equipment for the transport of grain, loose materials, for grinding grain, feed mixers, silos and tanks, crushers universal field, chains and feeders, conveyors, floor to combine potato, corn dressing machine, shelters and canopies, containers, transport racks .

8. EMITEST-EKO Sp. z o.o.  – Specializes in steel structures, network elements and heating installations and gas, manufacturing process equipment for various industries and meat processing, performance of stainless steel products, workmanship and installation of industrial pipelines in addition to special orders We carry wrought iron gates, railings and fences .

9. Politechnika Wrocławska, Instytut Organizacji i Zarządzania. Currently the subject of scientific specialization is interdisciplinary research Institute, whose primary object are economic organizations and their functioning and macroeconomic business processes. This leads, among other things work on problems of management, the use of computers and artificial intelligence in management, production control and simulation of economic processes.

10. Unia Przedsiębiorców Dolnego Śląska – Association „Union of Entrepreneurs of Lower Silesia” is a voluntary, self-governing, sustainable non-profit association. The Association brings together natural and legal persons interested in the promotion, development and promotion of Polish small and medium enterprises to economic success.


Join us


Lower Silesian Cluster of Metal is open. All interested in the possibilities that offers participation in the Lower Silesian Cluster metal, please contact the Regional Development Agency „ARLEG” SA:

ul. Rataja 26
59-220 Legnica

tel. 76 862 35 22, wew. 320   www.arleg.eu

Encourage natural and legal persons to get acquainted with the text of the agreement and we invite you to cooperation. In order to establish cooperation, please fill out the form.